Monday, 9 May 2016

SharePoint online Provider hosted app

My First SharePoint online Provider Hosted App

1.       SharePoint online subscription
2.       Azure website
3.       Visual Studio.

Let’s start with creating app project in visual studio 2013:
Project Name: MyFirstProviderHostedApp

Click ok and select Provider-Hosted Option

Click Next, I am using ASP.NET web forms application,

Select Azure Access control, Click Finish.
Hope you have azure setting profile, in this step we are going to import all settings.

Right Click on your web project and click publish.

Click on import profileà Select your profile.

Validate your connection and click publish.

Now let’s register this app on your SharePoint online site. Go your site and using below URL to register app

Generate client id and secret and click create, save details somewhere, will use it later.
Now, got to web.config file of your web project and open it.

Add your client id and secret and save it.

Now open code view of AppManifest.xml file and change start page url, client id.

Now open designer view of your app manifest app and give full control to web.

That’s it, now hot F5 and trust your app in SharePoint.

You can see the website hosted on Azure.

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