Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sharepoint 2010 Interview Questions

Some good interview questions for on sharepoint 2010.

Just google for best possible answers.

Interview questions:
1.       What is the base class of SharePoint webpart?
2.       Which 3 files need to be modified during FBA?
3.       What is custom action in SharePoint list and how to add menu item in a list view?
4.       OOPs concepts, real time example on OOPS some scenarios on OOPS.
5.       Polymorphism, overloading and overriding and differences
6.       What is JSON in JavaScript
7.       What is Jquery
8.       Boxing and unboxing in .net?
9.       What is CTS in .net?
10.   Finalize and dispose functions?
11.   Why Visual web part can’t be deployed on sandbox solutions?
12.   Can we use using keyword in current context?
13.   Best practice of using “Using” keyword in SharePoint
14.   Deployment from one server to another (dev-uat-prod)?
15.   Deploying designer workflows, InfoPath forms, site collections, web applications, solutions, web parts.
16.   Search configurations
17.   Moss Migration processes
18.   Lotus notes migration procedure
19.   Back end process of deploying a solutions(Means what steps goes on during deployment like safe control entry in Web.config file etc)
20.   Synchronous and Asynchronous events in sharepoint
21.   What’s new in SP2010 over MOSS
Some good interview questions on object model of sharepoint.


Will update some more soon....:)

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